Eating to have a perfect breast

It could be said that breast is one of attractive features of women. That’s why many women lack confident when their breasts are too small. Now, it is no longer a big matter for you. These following foods can help you improve your breast.




Apart from being good for digest, vitamin B and protein in yoghurt is essential for the growth of breast




Large amount of protein in almond can increase the flexibility of cell to make breast firmer




Peanut is the best choice for the growth of breast. Vitamin E and fat in peanut can promote the cell form and excretion of estrogen that is good for increasing size of bust




Soybean not only provides with essential vitamins but promote excretion of excess cholesterol




Broccoli contains lots of vitamin C, E and iron, is an extremely wonderful food to increase the size of breast


Fructus jujubae


According to traditional Chinese Medicine, fructus jujubae is good for both digest and excretion of poisonous. Furthermore, vitamin C and A in fructus jujubae will stimulate the growth of breast


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