Celebrities? Breast Enlargement Surgery

It seems that one of the most common things in Hollywood is plastic surgery. Celebrities are going under the knife for breast enlargements, nose jobs, tummy tucks and liposuction. Instead of accepting their natural beauty, Hollywood stars always try to make them more beautiful. However, in fact, they did not gain what they had expected.


Pamela Anderson may be seen as a synonym in the dictionary for breast implants. She was well known when appearing in Playboy pictorials in the early 1990s with massive breasts. Later, everyone was surprised at her decision to remove her breast implants in 1999 and make her breast larger in 2004.


Pamela Anderson


The reality star Heidi Montag is a featured example for breast enlargement trends in the Hollywood. She revealed she recently underwent 10 hours of cosmetic surgery, including a nose job revision, a mini brow lift, bigger breast implants and buttock augmentation.


Heidi Montag


The 26-year-old singer Amy Winehouse is rumored to pay around $ 61,000 for the breast enlargement at a clinic on London’s Harley Street. But the surgery’s result seems make her worst than before.


Amy Winehouse


With the breast implants in late 2006, Nicole Richie looks great and feels great also. And her new boobs have given her more confidence than she’s ever had before.


Size-zero Nicole Richie got breast implants in late 2006


Victoria Beckham, wife of famous football player David Beckham, has reportedly had a breast reduction. Victoria first went under the knife back in 1999, when her natural 34A breasts went to 34D, the boob job having been done at a clinic in London. 2 years later, her second boob job was took place to increase her bust to 34DD. She recently removed her implants from the size 34DD to size 34B bust.


Victoria Beckham


It is thought that Sarah Jessica Parker should care more other parts of her body than her breast. Her appearance at Oscars 2009 with big boobs made everyone wonder that whether she had a boob job.


Sarah Jessica Parker


Lindsay Lohan is one of the hottest teen actresses, but constantly deals with questions about her large breasts! It is rumored that she got breast implants when she was 17 years old got breast implants. But Lindsay always says her breasts are real. How can someone that young have such big boobs?


Lindsay Lohan


Britney Spears is seen as one of young talents in the world of entertainment. After her first album’s success in 2000, she had breast implant. However, when she was pregnant, she removed her breast implant.


Briney Spears before and after breast implant


Like Britney Spears, Pop singer Christina Aguilera has had a breast enlargement surgery from size A up to size C


Christina Aguilera


Singer Janet Jackson is rumored to have had a breast augmentation when she confidently appeared in public in a sexy dress. Although she did not confirm her surgery, everyone recognized the growing of her breast size.


Janet Jackson



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