Breast Type and Body Type

It is up to you and your cosmetic surgeon’s recommendation to chose which type of breast is fit your body. Nevertheless, some of this may depend on your body type. If you shaped like an hourglass, perhaps you aren’t considering breast augmentation since the hourglass shape implies that you have that classic look of beauty that many hold up as a standard. This figure is one where the bust and hips are equally, or as close as possible, proportionate. According to recent study, less than ten percent of the female population actually possess this shape. Sophia Loren is one of them.


Yet there are also the spoon (also known as the pear), rectangular, the inverted triangle, and variations of these. Granted, these terms may not be completely flattering, but there are ways to find what size breast implant you might want based on your measurements. There are also other cosmetic surgical procedures that can help you attain the look you want in addition to breast augmentation.


The first thing you should think about when considering breast augmentation and your body type is what your realistic expectations are. Do you necessarily want to change the shape of your entire body or simply your breast size? Women with spoon or pear shaped physiques have larger hips than bust lines, and may want to consider enhancing them for a more proportionate look. Women who have a rectangular physique who then go through breast augmentation may then appear with the inverted triangle appearance; that is, with the bust line considerable larger than the hips.


What is most important, though, is being open and honest with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation. They will be able to show you before and after pictures, as well as recommend what size implant, and what type of implant (silicone or saline) will help you achieve your desired look.


Whatever your body type, you need to remember that you should be doing this for your own self interest and not because you want to look like someone else. Though Sophia Loren may have an hourglass figure, Jennifer Lopez is said to have the spoon body type.


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