Early Blooming Flowers For Your Spring Garden

With spring just around the corner yet again there is no better time to start thinking about your spring flower garden then right now. A beautiful flower garden takes a considerable amount of planning and you want to be sure that you are planting flowers that will bloom in the early spring months so that you do not have to wait to enjoy the beauty of your garden. Early blooming spring flowers come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes so your first step is to determine which colors, shapes, and sizes you wish to have in you particular garden. In order to make this decision it helps to determine a number of other factors first such as where your garden will be placed and what color its surroundings will be, how much care you are going to be able to give your garden, whether or not you are planning to cut flowers and bring them in your home when they bloom, and what type of soil you have. After making these decisions it is time to choose what early blooming spring flowers you want to have in your garden. Listed are a number of beautiful flowers that bloom early and will give you the beautiful garden that you have always dreamed of.

Tulips – Tulips are one of the earlier blooming spring flowers and bring brightness and beauty to any spring garden. Tulips come in a variety of different colors including red, yellow, and numerous other colors as well. One of the best things about tulips though is how little care they will need after they have bloomed. These flowers do not need much more than sunshine and rain showers to grow and be beautiful and to add that pop of brightness to your garden.

Irises – These are another early blooming flower that comes in a wide variety of colors. These flowers tend to bloom early and last long which makes them a favorite of many flower gardeners. Colors range from purples to blues to yellows and many more. Add irises to your garden for a touch of elegant color that will enhance the appearance of your garden.
Daffodils – Daffodils are also early bloomers and one of the easiest spring flowers to care for. These beautiful yellow blossoms will brighten up your garden like no other flower and are great to cut and bring into the home for some added color as well.

Sunflowers – Sunflowers are huge gorgeous flowers that have grown in popularity in recent years. These yellow flowers can take up a lot of room but are well worth it due to their beauty. Plant sunflowers towards the back of your garden so that they will tower over your other flowers without blocking them so that they can’t be seen and they will be a great addition to your garden.

Everybody loves to enjoy the beauty and the sweet scent of spring flowers and many individuals can hardly wait until it is time to get the gardening under way. Now you have a few great ideas for colorful additions to your early spring garden.

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Early Warnings Of Domestic Violence

The whole thing started after I flew from Colorado to see a friend in Houston. He and I went out one night and out of the blue, standing right in front of me, was my perfect match!

He was fascinating and notably good looking. Six weeks down the line, I left my excellent position, packed my belongings, and moved to his home. Friends and family just about all instructed me to follow my heart. I cannot believe that I abandoned my job, close family, and close friends behind for the sake of love! Love became complete destruction!

Immediately after relocating, my new sweetheart turned out to be possessive and mentally and physically violent. I never in my personal life dealt with this prior to now and was indeed incredibly taken aback! He most definitely possessed major problems.

I instantly found a stable position and was able to acquire my very own apartment, which i needed to locate while at the office. I was thinking separate locations might make much of our uncomfortable relationship a lot better. Not a chance! Any time the guy appeared to be lonely, or in a rage, he would stock me both at home and at the office.

This man used to become angry, slap me, and throw and smash things. He’d consequently cry, apologize, and tell me that no one was ever going to absolutely adore me the manner in which he would.

I wanted to exit the tumultuous relationship, but felt my life was in danger. I discussed my boyfriend’s repeated outbursts to my girlfriends and these individuals all tried to help me, nonetheless I found myself too terrified to leave.

My boyfriend was bi-polar and in monetary ruins. It truly sucked! I believed he would shift and that I could help. Along with his wicked side, he was amusing and naturally smart. That is the aspect about him which I enjoyed. For a few of months it looked like the relationship had been getting better, thus I moved back in with him.

Things proceeded to go downhill rather swiftly. I endured an emotional rollercoaster ride for 5 years and grew to become unhappy and depressed. I couldn’t eat, and shrunk down to a tiny little 108 lbs.

My good friends became concerned because I appeared dreadfully emaciated. I shopped in the children’s clothing section because even a ladies size one was too large!

I ended up being so anxious that I called the domestic violence hotline and contacted an experienced advocate, whom I connected with confidentially. The woman explained explosive personalities as well as the ongoing never-ending cycle of violence which includes the honeymoon stage, time-bomb, and explosion! Exactly how did she know this? It was like she had a window directly into my life.

One particular afternoon, after several years of really being incredibly miserable, I proceeded to go for a long walk with a friend. She experienced been in this predicament before. She said that my despairing boyfriend was in no way going to change! We chatted for hours. It sunk in and I finally had enough!

Subsequently that afternoon, I mustered up the courage to start looking for a place to live. Within just days, I was living in a beautiful townhouse, roomie included.

That ended up being the beginning of my independence! I started socializing with pals and began to experience living once more.

A year later, I bought a new townhouse and we finally broke up. I began dating once again and thus met and wedded my amazing husband.I currently live a healthy and happy life along with a regular, funny person. I find it difficult to think about exactly what would likely have occurred if I remained with my furious x-boyfriend waiting for him to improve.

In the event that you are going through domestic violence, I highly recommend you inform the individuals closest to you. Speak to with a domestic violence advocate as soon as possible!

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Canada Pharmacy Believes Talk Therapy Brings Relief from Hot Flashes after Breast Cancer Treatment

Women often suffer from night sweats and hot flashes after undergoing breast cancer treatment, but our Canada pharmacy believes British experts have found a way to bring relief from these symptoms using talk therapy. Researchers exposed women to cognitive behavioral therapy and successfully reduced symptoms of post breast cancer treatment in less than six months after starting the talk therapy.

Radiation chemotherapy helps prevent breast cancer cells from dividing and spreading to other parts of the body. However, it also destroys healthy cells to some extent. Post-menopausal women buy Arimidex to bring down levels of the hormone estrogen thereby slowing down the process of cancerous growth spreading beyond breast cells. Minor side effects are sometimes not addressed directly by medication. Patients need to adopt therapy in order to find relief from symptoms like hot flashes.

White blood cells are needed to fight infection after rigorous medical therapy. One way of initiating better response to medication is to avoid drastic social interaction including exposure to crowds, outdoors, and sick people. Other side effects leading to sleeplessness are difficult to remove completely, because patients suffering from breast cancer are not advised hormone replacement therapy.

Researchers randomly studied 96 women after they were treated for breast cancer. All these cases reported symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats and opted for usual standard treatment options as well as talk therapy in some cases. A total of 47 women who opted for talk therapy were asked to attend 90-minute sessions every week for a total period of six weeks. Standard treatment options included cancer support services, access to oncology sentences, and telephone support.

Practical sessions during cognitive behavioral therapy included behavioral strategies to manage night sweats and hot flashes, psycho education, and paced breathing techniques. Information is imparted through group discussion, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and homework on a weekly basis. Our Canada pharmacy found women were taught how to handle hot flashes and reduce related stress in isolation and when exposed to social circles. They also experienced reduced night sweats within nine weeks after being exposed to therapy during the study.

Patients exposed to the hormone replacement therapy demonstrated a 46% lower symptom rate after nine weeks which increased to 52% at the end of 26 weeks. On the other hand, women opting for standard treatment experienced just 19% reduction in symptoms after the initial nine weeks of treatment which increased marginally to 25% after the mandatory 26 weeks.

Researchers recorded sustained improvement in quality of life, mood, and sleep in women opting for talk therapy. It has provided enough scope to help patients cope with breast cancer without being exposed to drastic treatment options. The therapy can now be safely incorporated into cancer programs devised to improve survival rate after breast cancer.

Our generic Canada pharmacy is convinced women suffering from persistent and distressing symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats after breast cancer treatment will find substantial relief from cognitive behavioral therapy within nine weeks of starting treatment. Talk therapy is nonintrusive, and sufficient evidence provided through findings from the study suggests benefits will be of a permanent nature.

I am a Canadian writer and I have been working within the health and pharmaceutical industry for several years. I believe that ordering medication from Canadian pharmacies is a great solution for US citizens who currently cannot afford their prescriptions. Blue Sky Drugs Canadian pharmacy offers an optimal Canadian prescription service with the convenience of not having to leave your house. Blue Sky Drugs has a vast selection of brand as well as high quality Canadian generic medications.

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10% to 15% of the Nipple discharge symptoms may suffering from breast cancer

Nipple discharge is a common attendance reason, it can be seen in breast lesions, may also come from breast-outside factors, even could be the normal physiological phenomena. Many women believe that nipple discharge is one of breast cancer symptoms so they are very afraid when found the symtom. Nipple discharge with blood may be breast cancer, May also be Breast hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia will have discharge. Patients can self-examination based on the color of Nipple discharge. 

Nipple discharge is divided into physiological and pathological. Physiological discharge is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Sometimes, oral contraceptives and sedatives can cause nipple discharge. Postmenopausal women can also appear Such symptom On one side or both sides. Pathological discharge often occurs on one side of the breast. Breast discharge for up to several years or months. The symptoms are very serious. The Patients must go to the hospital. 10% to 15% of the Nipple discharge symptoms may suffering from breast cancer. Yellow discharge is inflammation, transparent discharge or bloody discharge need to guard against. Mammary duct ectasia, intraductal papilloma, Breast hyperplasia and breast cancer are likely to experience nipple discharge. Mammary duct ectasia is of common inflammatory disease of breast. It is also called plasma cell mastitis, comedo mastitis, periductal mastitis, granulomatous mastitis and so on. Human papillomavirus(HPV)is a kind of oncomavirus specificity infecting human skin and mucosa, which is the major etiological factor resulting in condyloma acuminatum and uterine cervix cancer. Yellow breast discharge may be Breast hyperplasia. May also be breast intraductal papilloma or breast cancer. Blood in nipple discharge is a danger signal. 50% to 75% of patients with such symptoms may be intraductal papilloma. It Is a benign tumor. 15% of patients may be breast cancer. Menopausal patients appear symptoms of breast discharge with blood may be breast cancer. If the discharge is transparent, patients need to pay attention to it. Such signal can not be ignored. The color of nipple discharge can not be used as the basis that Diagnostic disease. Patients should go to hospital timely.
Early breast cancer can be cured after surgery. Warned you: diet, to achieve early detection, early treatment, early cured. Successful treatment of breast cancer depends on early diagnosis. By making healthy lifestyle choices and exercising regularly, individuals can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

10% to 15% of the Nipple discharge symptoms may suffering from breast cancer http://www.cancer-c.com is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Breast Cancer Symptoms lung cancer mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info

The History Of The Early Jewelry

When would you believe people began wearing jewelry? Five century ago? Five thousand ago? Or even five million ago? A couple of in years past, several scientists led by Captain Christopher Hinshelwood of the State University of recent You are able to at Stony Stream discovered what it really thinks is the “earliest jewelry” within the South African Blombus Cavern. Surprisingly, it wasn’t expensive diamonds, but shell beads! The actual shells were dated to be regarding Seventy five,000 years of age, pushing back again time attributed to humans for the first subjective (or emblematic) thought through 30,Thousand years. Producing artwork or even jewellery is usually accepted among archaeologists as an indicator associated with emblematic thinking.

In the Blombus Cavern website, regarding 40 pea-sized mussel shell drops were found in categories of as much as seventeen. Since the closest physique of drinking water situated close towards the cavern is actually thought to possess already been more than 40 miles aside, this resulted in the actual shells were carried back towards the cave specifically for many purpose. They also included remnants associated with ochre, a pigment utilized through earlier humans to paint caves or even colour skin as well as clothes.

Interestingly, from concerning the same period, an additional number of scientists brought by Steve Bower associated with University of California from Davis, discovered at Loiyangalani, the search site in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, two ostrich eggshell beads that are tentatively out dated in order to regarding 70,Thousand many years. Bower believes the bead results tend to be very significant simply because “beads are tangible proof of the concept associated with self. You are not really going to enhance yourself if you have no concept associated with personal.” These two discovers truly make you question How It Just about all Began within the jewellery world, a minimum of.

Formerly, the “first” jewelry (incident, additionally Africa) was believed to be about 45,000 years old. This time around period happened throughout what’s known as the center Rock Grow older, a period when many signs of “modernity” are believed to have blossomed in early humans such as cavern paintings and complicated bone fragments tools. Upward until these types of African finds, most researchers considered “modern behavior” to possess started in European countries about 40,Thousands years ago. The French cave art tend to be probably the most well-known good examples.

“Big offer,” you may think? These spend necklaces and bracelets tell us a great deal about our individual forefathers. For instance, this jewelry is actually real proof which early humans could use physical items to stand for something abstract, like elegance. The bead jewelry could have been used to serve a growing need amongst early individuals: a way individuals recognized on their own or even their own standing in a group, or maybe even for trading.

So why do researchers think these types of shells were components of handmade jewellery? All of them appear to be perforated within the exact same place within the exact same method, prepped for being put up on the piece of leather and leaving a unique design about the covers. The researchers also mentioned the existence of “facets,” or toned locations, in contrast to any kind of you’d probably find in nature, probably formed through becoming strung as well as massaging against each other.

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Start Planning At An Early Age

There are those who think that they don’t have to engage in retirement and estate planning until late in their lives. But the fact is that the sooner you get started thinking about the future the better and there are a number of different reasons why young adults should put a plan in place.

When it comes to planning for your retirement getting started early can give you a huge advantage. Even modest savings add up, and if your employer offers a matching 401k you would do well to take advantage of it and make a maximum contribution if possible. If you are saving right out of college while others your age are splurging, you will find yourself on the golf course daily when you are in your fifties. Meanwhile, those who “lived in the moment” back in the day will just be starting to take retirement seriously as they sit in Monday morning rush hour traffic.

Estate planning is important for younger people as well. First there is the matter of income replacement. Accidents can and do happen, and when you have a spouse and a child they are invariably going to be very dependent on your income. This is why it is essential to make sure that you have sufficient life insurance coverage in place, and when you are deciding what is “sufficient” you have to consider the long-term needs of your family.

In addition to the financial side there are also health care concerns that are commonly addressed in the modern estate plan. Advance health care directives which includes health care power of attorney and living wills allow you to state your medical preferences in writing should you become incapacitated and unable to do so. The central issue is usually going to be whether or not you would like to be kept alive on life support when there is no hope for recovery. This would be an agonizing decision for your loved ones to make on their own, so letting your wishes be known in this regard is the only responsible course of action. And dont forget that singular arrangements need to be made for minor children. You need to authorize someone to make their medical decisions if you are away.

In financial and estate planning, as in all aspects of life, starting early will chart the course to ultimate success.

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A Short Intro To Nclex Exam Prep

When you are preparing for the NCLEX test, here is a short guide to help you through the exam.

NCLEX Exam prep – what you need to know:

The NCLEX, sometimes referred to as ‘Nursing State Board’, stands for National Council Licensing Examination. It is a computerized adaptive test that selects questions based on the overall NCLEX content requirements, and your previous answers. Exam database contains thousands of questions, but during the test NCLEX candidates will get from 75 to 265 NCLEX-RN questions for RN applicants, or from 85 to 205 NCLEX-PN questions for PN applicants.

The purpose of the NCLEX exam is to evaluate the knowledge, skills, expertise and abilities of nursing applicants. The competence of the nurse is evaluated based on the outcome of this exam. All nurses must pass this exam before they can practice as licensed RN’s or LPN’s in the US.

Nursing students who want to take the NCLEX exam must send a request for a licensure application along with the licensing fee to the Board of Nursing of their choice, and follow the application procedure established by this Board. The fact that nurse licensing rules differ from state to state, and many states do not have residency requirements, gives nursing applicants some flexibility to choose the easier or more economical licensing procedure.

The NCLEX exam covers all areas of nursing. While the exam is a pass/fail only (meaning that candidates do not have to achieve a particular score to pass), a thorough understanding of all fundamental concepts is necessary to pass the exam.

It is important to remember that although the NCLEX test is designed to evaluate the applicant’s proficiency with nursing procedures and knowledge they learned at the nursing school; the NCLEX questions are often detached from the real life. Therefore, nursing education alone is insufficient for passing the exam. For example, while in real life the nurse has to care for several patients at the same time, a lot of test questions are written on a “1 nurse 1 patient” model. This is precisely why preparing for the NCLEX exam is hard even for the best of nursing students. That also explains why nursing students require focused preparation to pass the NCLEX test.

While preparing for the exam, it is important to remember that knowing fundamentals is vital to the passing NCLEX successfully. Question banks alone most likely will not do the trick. This is because the exact questions that are asked on the exam are not available anywhere, and even the best NCLEX style questions are just that – imitations of the NCLEX test questions prepared by people who are prohibited by law from working on the actual exam due to conflict of interests. Furthermore, candidates who work on questions alone are often trying to memorize all the answers, which is nearly impossible to do. That is why it is important to select content based NCLEX reviews that will give you a thorough understanding of the exam material.

With modern technology the online NCLEX review courses have become incredibly affordable and offer the ultimate convenience and comfort for studying. Some reviews even offer students the flexibility to choose specific topics if they feel like they only need to refresh certain areas.

Remember, there are no miracles and no shortcuts! Thorough preparation is the secret to NCLEX success. No one but you can guarantee that you will pass the test Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Online NCLEX RN review course available for your NCLEX exam prep.

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New study on breast cancer further towards the goal of more effective intervention

HER2-positive cancer of the breast is really a cancer of the breast that tests positive for any protein known as human skin growth factor receptor 2 (HER2), which encourages the development of cancer cells. Within 1 of each and every 5 breast cancer, the cells of cancer make an excessive amount of HER2 because of a gene mutation. This gene mutation and also the elevated amounts of HER2 it causes can happen in various kinds of cancer- not just cancer of the breast.

HER2-positive breast cancer tend to be aggressive kinds of cancer of the breast. They are also less attentive to hormone treatment. However, remedies that particularly target HER2 work well.

Scientists have found some proteins within the bloodstream involved in a number of systems associated with cancer development. The findings, by co-authors Christopher Kemp, Ph.D., and Samir Hanash, M.D., .D., people of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Human Biology and Public Health Sciences divisions, correspondingly, are released online in front of the August. 1 print problem of Cancer Research.

Studying a mouse type of HER2-positive cancer of the breast (cancer that tests positive for any protein known as human skin growth factor receptor 2) at various stages of tumor development and remission, the scientists discovered that even in the very earliest stages the incipient tumor cells communicate to normalcy tissue from the host by delivering out signals and prospecting cells, as the host tissue consequently react to and amplify the signals.”It really is a ‘systems biology’ study of cancer, for the reason that we concurrently examined many genes and proteins with time- not only within the tumor however in bloodstream and host tissue.” Kemp stated.

“The entire surprising factor we found was their education that the host responds to cancer early throughout disease progression, and also the extent of this response. While a mouse ?¡ìC or most probably an individual ?¡ìC with early-stage cancer can happen normal, our study implies that you will find many changes occurring lengthy prior to the disease could be detected scientifically. This provides us hope that people should have the ability to identify individuals changes and employ them as early recognition tools using the ultimate goal more effective intervention.

New study on breast cancer further towards the goal of more effective intervention. More about breast cancer rehabilitation information, women breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer treatment.

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2011 Comedk Uget Entrance Exam

The Karnataka Private Medical & Dental Colleges Association and Karnataka Unaided Private Engineering Colleges Association has come up with the combined effort to offer an effective and fair objective type of examination process to determine the seats for students who seek admissions to the Under Graduate Medical, Dental and Engineering courses of the member institutions. They have come together and formed Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental College of Karnataka COMEDK. During the academic year 2011 COMEDK has been assigned the task of organizing a common entrance test.
COMEDK will take separate entrance test for Medical Dental and Engineering Undergraduate courses called “COMEDK UGET 2011″ for all the aspiring candidates that are seeking admissions to MBBS, BDS, and BE courses.
This entrance test is being conducted for merit determination for COMEDK member institutions only. It is a mandatory test for all those students who would like admission in Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses in member institutions. The score of this entrance test is valid only for the same academic year in seeking admission in the member institutes. Candidates will be selected, on the basis of counselling done by individual member institutes.
Eligibility for COMEDK:
MBBS: All aspiring candidates must have passed minimum 10+2 higher secondary or equivalent examination, recognized by State/Central Government. The candidates last two years of study shall comprise Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) with English as compulsory subject and must have passed these subjects and must have passed these subjects and secured minimum 50% of marks taken together in PCB. In addition, in the Common Entrance Test must have secured not less than 50% marks in PCB.
Those candidates who belong to SC, ST and OBC category of Karnataka should have passed the 2nd PUC or 10+2 higher secondary or equivalent examination, recognized by State/Central government. The candidates in the last two years of study should have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) with English as compulsory subject and must have passed these subjects with minimum of 40% of marks together in PCB.
BDS: The candidates belonging to the general category should have passed minimum 10+2 or Senior Secondary Examination or equivalent examination recognized by State/Central Government. The last two years study shall contain Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) wit English as compulsory subject with minimum 50% marks taken together in PCB. SC, ST and OBC candidates of Karnataka should have obtained minimum of 50% marks in PCB.
COMEDK UGET Exam Pattern:
COMEDK Application Form 2011 : The first and the foremost step in the process of COMEDK 2011 admission would be the COMEDK application form notification. COMEDK application form notification consists of the important dates relevant to the availability and submission of the forms. COMEDK UGET 2011 application forms are available online. It can either, be filled up and submitted online or filled up by downloading the online COMEDK application form. It should be submitted in time, along with the demand draft of the specified amount, drawn in the name and address given on the official COMEDK website.
COMEDK 2011 Admit Card: Once you have registered yourself for the COMEDK 2011 exam, the next step would be to ensure that you get your COMEDK admit card well in time. Applicants must keep a tab on the important dates for the issue of admit cards. Get in touch with the COMEDK office if you do not receive your timely admit card for COMEDK 2011.
COMEDK 2011 Entrance Exam: COMEDK 2011 entrance exam is usually conducted in the beginning of the May month. Students should be well prepared for the COMEDK exam. There are various coaching institutes that prepare students for the COMEDK 2011 entrance exam. They cover the complete COMEDK syllabus and also give students an opportunity to take mock COMEDK papers and sample papers. Even those who are not taking coaching from any professional institutes can practice with the COMEDK sample papers available online.
COMEDK Results: COMEDK results are generally declared in the month of last week of May. Following the COMEDK 2011 results would be the COMEDK rank list.
COMEDK 2011 Counselling: The last step in the COMEDK 2011 admission process is the COMEDK counselling that if usually conducted in two rounds.
This article has been written by Amitava Sen who is Marketing Manager in eduFYI, one of the best education portal of India.

This article has been written by Amitava Sen who is Marketing Manager in eduFYI, one of the best education portal of India.

How To Get Over Exam Anxiety

Going through examination anxiety? This piece shows easy and valuable information on how to handle the trouble. You are not the only one in this trouble. Simply make use of the information in this commentary and bid examination anxiety goodbye. Countless students are usually anxious when tests approaches. Lack of ability to conquer this problem has made scores of students to fail their tests. It is not that they are not good or do not understand the answer to the questions, the problem is that they allowed their worry to dominate their mind and as a result, they performed woefully in the exam.


One of the numerous methods to get over the trouble of test worry is for you to prepare well in advance prior to the date of the examination. It is not safe for you to leave your studying to few days to the examination. You are only opening the door for nervousness if you do. Be certain that you read well before the exam and you will not have any anxiety.


There is time for everything. You should try to schedule time for studying your books. Plan to have time for eating, sleeping as well as relaxing. Devote more time and concentration to reading as soon as you finish a particular lecture. Consult the library or the world wide web for more suggestions to what you have been taught in the class.


The need for adequate relaxation can not be overstressed. If you create adequate time for relaxing before the exam, you will not be vulnerable to worry. Relaxation makes your brain to cool and make you calm also. If you have read well in advance, it is recommended to relax well before going for a specific exam. Depriving yourself of enough sleep or leisure will make you anxious and perform woefully in the examination.


In addition, the need to have enough sleep a night before the examination can not be overstressed. This will make your body and mind to relax well and you will wake up refreshed and prepared to face the exam. Reading into the early hours of the examination day is not recommended. It will just make you vulnerable to anxiety as you head into the examination hall.


Equally, it is very crucial for you to get to the test hall early. In reality, it is advisable to get there at least one hour before the commencement of the exam. This will give you enough room to slow down and revise your work before beginning the examination. On the other hand, arriving behind schedule for the examination will bring in anxiety and lead to poor performance. Equally, you will not be able to know in advance if there is adjustment in the time or venue for the examination.

For other tips on how to treat the problem please visit Relaxing Techniques for Anxiety.