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Breast Enhancement causes

Lumps in the breasts are very common in women, and may appear to be more common or important as we age. That’s because our hearts are made of fat and connective tissue, and as we age, changes in composition. Some areas of the breast begins to feel heavier, because there is more connective tissue and less fat. This thickening of the tissue is common and usually not a problem.

The medical term for this is fibrocystic breast disease, but we feel a more appropriate term is fibro cystic change. Only rarely is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. However, lumpy breasts make it harder to feel the breast cancer.

Breasts feel swollen and tender, with the ebb and flow of the menstrual cycle. Breast tenderness that accompanies the hormonal cycles may temporarily worsen during perimenopause, when any hormonal imbalance can be extended according to the premenstrual period is greater in cycles less often.

To increase the breasts of the symptoms

Breast symptoms are common symptoms that can occur in both men and women in any age group or population. Many underlying causes of the symptoms of the breast are benign, but some types of symptoms may be caused by serious illnesses such as breast cancer.

Breast symptoms may include:

Deformed breast deformity
Lump in the breast (with or without pain)
Breast pain
Breast swelling

Breast tenderness
Change in appearance of the skin of the breast such as dimpling or puckering
Nipple discharge or tenderness
Skin rash or chest pain or nipple

To increase the breasts home remedies

Home remedies for breast enlargement include a number of herbs such as saw palmetto, dong quai, blessed thistle, wild yam and other products like fenugreek, Pueraria Mirifica, marshmallow root, fennel seeds, leaves watercress and dandelion root.

Apart from this, eating too much fat can help improve their breast size, although you can do the same results elsewhere in the body undesirable. Massage with natural oils from breast can also solve your purpose for breast enlargement. All these home remedies for breast enlargement are safer than breast augmentation surgery and pills.

Home remedies for breast enlargement are available for women who feel frustrated with having small breasts as it hampers their lifestyle and appearance. It is often believed that breast size is a matter of inheritance.

If your mother or all the other women in your family has small breasts, you have to be satisfied with what you have. However, there are still some home remedies herbal and others based on what they can improve their breast size, which shows that this notion is unfounded

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Exercises for Natural Breast Enlargement and Pills for Natural Breast Enlargement or Lift Breast

Breast enlargement is one of the persistent obsessions of our modern, advanced-medicine high-tech age. Women are very aware of any, visible or not, flaws they may have in this area. And since breast implants have long fallen out of grace, natural enhancement methods have become very popular. Women, in particular, after their body has undergone a considerable change (childbirth, loss of weight, or removal of implants, among others) look for an aesthetic and natural solution.

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There are various techniques which can make this possible. Some of the methods are temporary while medical surgeries are permanent.

1. Exercise: You can perform chest exercises like yoga planks, bench presses and push-ups. Even though the breast is not made of muscles, the pectoral muscles will be built. These will cause the fatty and glandular tissues to protrude. This will give you a larger appearance and curvy look.
2. Weight: You will need to change your diet and gain a little bit of weight if you are quite skinny. This will help you look padded. Excessive weight is not suggested but with weight your body fat consumption will also increase giving your bosom a rounded look.
3. Padded undergarment: You must have heard about these. They have a little bit of padding inside the cloth of the garment. This gives a little rise to your bust line and completes your cleavage. It makes you look heavy at the top.
4. Surgical augmentation: You can also increase the size of your breast by surgical methods. These are gaining popularity these days with the advancements in science and medicine. The surgeon in the operation will make an insertion in your nipple, through your armpit or navel or below the folded crease of your bust. Through this insertion, saline solution or silicone will be added in your body. This surgery is like a cosmetic surgery. The device used is called implant and the size of the implant will be decided by the surgeon keeping in mind your body structure. The size of the implant is crucial because you want a perfect increase. A drastic increase can make you look disproportionate while a small change can often not be noticeable.


Another way How to Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home is through application of breast enhancing serums and creams. There are bust enhancing creams and serums that are made up of herbs and are derived from plants. These have been clinically proven to increase the bust size and even improve the tone of the breasts. These serums and creams have been derived from herbs which are found to be extremely powerful breast enhancers and they possess the properties to take your bust size one cup bigger than from when you started using. Serums that contain ingredients like wild yams, saw palmetto and the famous, Pureria Mirifica, are known to be very effective at increasing your bust size in as little as 4 weeks. This may sound a bit too unbelievable, but it is true. These serums are clinically tested and proven to enhance your bust size and leave them looking firmer and fuller.

Surya Namaskara, Stabdhasana, Sahaj Stabdhasana, Vrikshasana are few to name yoga asna that can help in improving the size of the breast.

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Breast Augmentation: The Beginning of Breast Augmentation Surgery as well as the Breast Implant Info

Seeing that the advent of breast augmentation surgery within the 1960s, millions of women have enhanced their bodies with silicone and saline implants. Breast augmentation has become one particular with the most generally carried out cosmetic plastic surgical procedures. Today, females delight in the positive aspects of this knowledge with final results that look and really feel organic.

A breast implant may be a prosthesis used to alter the size, kind, and really feel of a woman’s breasts in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction; for correcting chest wall congenital deformities; for the aesthetic enhancement from the bust; and as a procedural aspect of male-to-female gender transition surgery.

The breast augmentation patient generally is actually a younger lady whose character profile indicates psychological distress about her individual appearance, as well as a history of getting endured criticism (teasing) concerning the aesthetics of her body.Studies like Physique Image Concerns of Breast Augmentation Patients (2003) and Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Cosmetic Surgery (2006) report a psychological profile, widespread to plastic surgery patients, that ladies who undergo breast-implant surgery are slightly likelier to have undergone psychotherapy, have low self-esteem, have increased rates of prevalent depression, a history of attempted suicide, and of psychological illness (physique dysmorphia), in relation to the general populace. Post-operative patient surveys about their psychological health and quality-of-life, reported improved physical well being, physical look, social life, self-confidence, self-esteem, and satisfactory sexual functioning. Long-term, follow-up studies suggest that such improvements could possibly be transitory – using the exception of physique self-esteem as a sexually appealing woman.In the long term, most patients reported satisfaction with their breast implants, even when they had suffered complications requiring re-operation, either for corrective or for aesthetic causes. Discover a lot more details on breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation plastic surgery is probably the most frequent procedures performed annually by members with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Girls could opt for to underneath go breast enlargement surgery for numerous causes. These private causes may perhaps center around breasts which are perceived to become underneath developed, or as a result of variations in the sizes from the breasts or from adjustments immediately after pregnancy or breast feeding. Some females could be satisfied with their breasts but just want them made fuller. Usually soon after weight loss, aging or childbirth a woman’s breast volume and shape may possibly change. This too can result in a lady to seek a breast augmentation. Breast implant surgery carried out by cosmetic plastic surgeons could be the most popular approach to enhance breast shape and size. Breast enhancement applying breast implants can give a lady far more proportional shape and may strengthen self esteem.

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MCA Entrance Exam counseling

Master of Computer Application commonly Known as MCA is a three year program at post graduate level which makes you learns about software programming and coding about computer applications. MCA is a career oriented course, students get job opportunities in number of multinationals and government organizations after doing MCA. For taking admission in MCA the candidate must be studying mathematics as a subject during its graduation/intermediate level.
Admission to MCA is made through various MCA entrance exams at national and state level. Generally there are written test for admission but some institutes conduct group discussion and Interviews for selection of candidates. Different universities conduct different MCA Entrance exam. Questions are generally includes the topics of mathematics and analytical reasoning. AIMCET is the most popular national level MCA Entrance Exam in India conducted by IIT Roorkee. The natures of exams are objective and duration of exam is 3 hours.
After doing MCA one can get a job in the department of system management, system development, system engineer, internet management information system, software development and troubleshooting. Before taking admission the student must take counseling session from various sources to make sure about the choice of his/her college and career. The educational counselor’s advice about the nature of exam, how to crack it and what is the important step to be kept in mind while choosing MCA as career. While preparing for written Exam the candidate must simultaneously prepare for group discussion and interview. The top MNC hiring MCA programmers are Infosys, Microsoft, IBM, Tata consultancy and ORACLE.
The syllabus of MCA entrance exam generally includes the topics like- Algebra, trigonometry, differential equation, Analytical plane geometry, mechanics, linear programming, alphabet test, analogy test, ordering, syllogism, statement and conclusion. While preparing for Entrance exam candidate must spend as much time as possible for clearing the fundamentals. Take various mock tests and practice test papers at regular intervals. Try to give exams for those Universities which are taking large number of intakes, this increase the chance of your selection in a good MCA college. It is good to select few good colleges according to your capabilities and place of interest and then try to get into those chosen college covered by these tests.
Students studied computer science as their subject during their academic is given preference over other candidate during selection process. It is also advisable to get enroll with a good correspondence course for exam preparation and practice tests.

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State Level Medical Entrance Exam

“In India number of Medical entrance exam held every year for admission to various medical programs. Some exams are at national level while some are at state level. Here you will be informed about all state level medical entrance exam and their educational programs and paper pattern. Some Medical institutes are accept the score of state entrance exam only. Therefore the candidate should well-known about the admission procedure of each college before apply for admission.
Medical Entrance exam in Andhra Pradesh is held through EAMCET state level engineering, agriculture and Medical common Entrance test. The programs offered are MBBS/BDS/B pharmacy and BUMS. The colleges are affiliated to NTR University of health science situated at Vijyawada. Medical Entrance exam in Assam is conducted by state level admission test. MBBS and BDS programs are offered with 5 and 5 years of duration respectively. The exam is of objective type.
Medical Entrance exam in Chandigarh is conducted by Punjab University Chandigarh. The exam will be held in the mid of May every year. Medical Entrance exam in Delhi is conducted by Delhi University Medical- Dental entrance test (DUMCET). The exam will be held in May. Medical Entrance exam in Himachal Pradesh is conducted by common entrance test by Himachal Pradesh University. The programs offered are MBBS/BDS/BAMS. The nature of Entrance test is objective and exam will be held in May/ June.
Medical Entrance exam in Haryana is made through common entrance test. The entrance exam consists of three papers in physics, chemistry and biology. The date of the exam is first week of June. Medical Entrance exam in Jammu and Kashmir is conducted by common entrance test for admission to MBBS and BDS. The exam will be held in July. Medical Entrance exam in Jharkhand is conducted by Jharkhand combined Entrance Competitive exam abbreviated as JECC. The medical program offered is MBBS.
Medical Entrance exam in Karnataka is made through common entrance test/ aptitude test in Karnataka. The courses offered are MBBS/BDS/BMS/BUMS and yoga. The exam will be held during May every year. Medical Entrance exam in Kerala is conducted by government of Kerala by a common entrance examination. The exam is for admission to government seats in Medical courses in Kerala. The exam will be held in April and notification about the exam will be published in the month of January. Medical Entrance exam in Madhya Pradesh is conducted by professional examination board Madhya Pradesh. The courses offered are MBBS/BDS/B pharmacy/ BSC nursing. The exam will be held in the month of May every year.

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Boom in Madical Entrance exam

AIIMS- All India Institute for Medical Sciences entrance exam commonly known as AIIMS is a pioneer in imparting medical education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Applications are invited in the required format for admission to MBBS courses of AIIMS during august. The eligibility is 12th passed under 10+2 system with at least 60% marks is average in physics, chemistry and biology. The aspirants must complete the age of 17 before taking admission.
MAHE- Maniple Academy of higher education is one of the foremost high rated colleges commonly known as MAHE. There are number of programs offered by the academy under MD, MS, and MDS. Entrance admission in the institution will be held on the basis of performance in the online entrance test held in March April every year.
AIPMT- All India Pre-Medical test commonly known as AIPMT is conducted by central board of secondary education. The eligibility for entrance into AIPMT is passing in higher/ sr. secondary examination with at least 50% of marks. The candidate must have physics, chemistry and biology as his/her compulsory subjects during 10+2. The test paper consists of two stages of paper the preliminary and the final exam. The preliminary examination consists of one paper which contains 200 multiple choice questions. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. The candidates who qualify in their preliminary exam are eligible to appear in final exam. The final exam consists of two papers and each of the paper is of 2 hours duration. Among the two papers paper 1 consists of the subject’s physics, chemistry and paper 2 consists biology. The pattern of the exam would be subjective and descriptive in nature. The medium of the paper is in English or in Hindi. Application forms are available in the month of October and candidates are advised to send their application form duly filled in all respect before the last date of submission of application form.

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Apmp Exam Hints And Tips

What is the APMP qualification?
The APMP qualification is a foundation level project management qualification from the UK Association for Project Management. It is ideal for work package managers and those who are new to project management. The syllabus is based on the Association for Project Management Body of Knowledge, however not all the topics are covered as part of the qualification. The APMP exam only covers 37 of the key topics from the AMP Body of Knowledge.
a.Project Management
b.Programme Management
c.Portfolio Management
d.Project Context
e.Project Sponsorship
f.Project Office
a.Project Life Cycles
b.Handover and Closeout
c.Project Reviews
d.Organisation Structure
e.Organisational Roles
f.Methods and Procedures
g.Governance of Project Management
a.Requirements Management
c.Technology Management
d.Modelling and Testing
e.Configuration Management
a.Business Case
a.Project Success and Benefits Management
b.Stakeholder Management
c.Project Management Plan
d.Project Risk Management
e.Project Quality Management
f.Health Safety and Environmental Management
a.Scope Management
c.Resource Management
d.Budgeting and Cost Management
e.Change Control
f.Earned Value Management
g.Information Management and Reporting
h.Issue Management
d.Conflict Management
The Structure of the APMP Exam
The APMP exam requires candidates to complete ten questions from a paper of 16 questions in three hours. The result is that for each question candidates have approximately 15 minutes per question. This allows 10 minutes for prep time and ten minutes to review the answers at the end. Each question has equally weighting with the overall pass mark being 56%. Notionally each question is assigned 50 marks. To pass mark is a simple average of the score across the ten questions or 280 marks out to a total possible of 500. So a candidate may pass nine individual questions but fail the exam if one question is very poorly answered.
Structure of the Exam Questions
The APM exam guidance includes advice on the use of certain keywords in the questions you will encounter. Note these well as they will be significant and have very different connotations in the context of the exam.
List: A simple list of terms or phrases with no description or explanation of what each term or phrase is or means. Candidates are not required to give a structured sentence.
State: A coherent single sentence that summarises, for each point, what something is or means.
Describe: A clear description of what is understood by a term or phrase. Each point requires a short paragraph made up of more than one sentence.
Explain: An explanation making clear the meaning and relevance of an idea or concept. Each point requires a paragraph made up of two or more sentences. It may be appropriate to provide examples or use diagrams to clarify your explanation. However, if there are specific marks for examples or diagrams, this will be explicitly stated in the question.

The most common question is an explain format which requires five parts in the answer. With this structure each of the five parts will be worth 10 marks out of the 50 available for the whole question. To get the full 50 marks for each point has to include three complete sentences that explain the point. So for example we recommend using the first sentence to state the point, the second to explain why its important and the third to give an example.
Q. Explain the benefits of risk management?
The benefits of risk management include
1)A clearer understanding of the overall project risk. A detailed analysis of the individual project risks can give a clear understanding to the overall risk in a project. This can be important in deciding if a project should proceed or a bid should be submitted
2)The identifications of better risk management actions for the high probability and high impact risks. Risk analysis can filter out high probability and high impact risks which need effective risk measures. This can avoid a knee jerk reaction to the evaluation of risk.
3)An improved understanding of the overall project within the team. Discussing the risks within the group can improved the overall understanding of the barriers the project might face in implementation and how these can be overcome.
4)A good evaluation of risks can help the team to identify specific risks that can be better managed by other organisation such a the client, sub-contractors or insurance companies. This means the risk is managed by the people most able to manage each specific risk. The management of risk by the wrong person is a significant cause of project failure
5)A structured approach which supports corporate governance. Formal risk management provides a structured approach which can be integrated with organisation internal governance systems. This is important because risk is often one of the key elements that organisations seek to manage.
As you can see this answer use the what, why and example structure to ensure the examiner can see that you understand the topic.

This model gives a clear plan to pass the


Interview Preparation For Entrance Exam

“Preparation for interview is a technical and logical process, which requires a step wise approach rather than doing normal talks. The following question may probably asked by the interviewer during the interview possible answers are also given to give an overview of the type of question may be asked and the possible answers to those questions.

Q- What are your strengths and weaknesses? Think of few illustrations for each
and think of how your weaknesses could be turned into strength.
Q- If your friends were to describe your personality what would they say about
Q- What are your ambitions/future plans? Talk about your progression in the
next coming years, for example: finish your degree, get a job, improve your
knowledge, climb up the ladder.
Q- Why are you interested in working for our company? To give a fair answer to this question you should have done some research on the company such as on the website, media reviews etc. Talk about their strengths (pick out key words from their company mission
statement/description), the kind of company i.e.: international, the environment.
This is your chance test on, show them that you have a good knowledge of what they
do, and how you think this suits your qualifications and ambitions.
Q-Why do you think you should get the job/what do you have to offer our
Company? Talk about your skills and relate them to your work experience and
how you can adapt them to the new role.

The candidate must also ask few questions during the interview to know the job profile, nature of work and culture of the organisation the following question can be asked by the candidate during his/her interview.
What will be my responsibilities?
Who will I report to?
Who are you customers?
What will my salary/expenses be?
What training will you provide?

Prior to your interview, it is also necessary that the candidate have read the job description. Go through each aspect and think about how and why you match the requirements. You should not just stipulate that you have good communication skills or strong organisation skills.

Remember the following worthy points
Make sure you dress smartly
Beware of clammy hands for first handshake
Be polite, make polite conversation
Speak in a confident voice and manner”

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Reading Comprehenshion MBA Entrance Exam

Reading comprehension forms one of the most critical part of the MBA entrance exam. Every year over the past 20 years RC has constituted anything between 15-30% of the total number of question in the exam. Therefore developing the appropriate level of skill for tackling the reading comprehension section is something that a student preparing for CAT simply can’t afford to ignore during the preparation phase of his/her exam. Needless to say, the correlation between good reading ability and good reading comprehension ability is very high. Hence, in order to develop your ability to solve reading comprehension questions your first focus should be to take your reading ability up from its current level.

Read more more and more is the advice is what you will come to hear from every trainer across the country. However, what is not so readily available for students is what skill should one focus on developing while reading, as well as under what framework of self- development should one take up the task of reading more and more. Students normally end up trying blindly read more and more without a framework, dedication and focus. As a result the returns from reading that student achieve are not proportional to the effort that they put into their reading blindly reading without working in a framework will result in sub optimal result.

Since every thing that you do involves comprehension and connecting to the passage, in order to become a good reader you need to understand the process through which a good reader goes while writing any piece. As a reader your task essentially is to decode the sequence of words, sentences and paragraphs and come up with your own picture or interpretation of the idea conveyed by the author. The closer this picture to the original one in the mind of the author, the better is the comprehension of the passage. The closer your map is to what author must have formulated, the more comprehensive will be your understanding of the passage you are reading.

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Answering Accountancy Exam Questions



The questions set in accountancy papers, particularly at professional level, will frequently require students to present a report as the format required for dealing with the issues raised in a specific scenario. (Some exams, like those at professional level ACCA exams actually identify the marks available in each question for the professional presentation of answers). The purpose of requiring students to present information in this way is to test the application skills of prospective accountants. In the real world of accountancy, you will never be asked to write an essay on a particular topic! The client (your employer or audit client) needs information. The issue is the extent to which accountants can provide quality information. The better the quality of the information provided, the better will be the decisions based on that information.

What do accountants actually do?

It is worthwhile every now and then to think about what it is that accountants actually do! Accountants provide information to support decisions being made by others. It doesn’t matter whether you are auditing financial statements for the shareholders, producing monthly management accounts for the Financial Controller or writing a memo on the net present value implications of the latest investment proposal from the board of directors. In each and every situation, you are supporting the decision making process by the provision of information. In GCD’s accountancy courses for professional level exams, you will learn how to answer questions that provide good quality information.

Quality (ACCURATE) Information

Once we understand the role of the accountant, then we can appreciate the need to provide quality information, because the better the quality of information provided, the better the decision will be. A useful mnemonic is the ACCURATE model.


Good information is accurate information. Accurate means no errors and factually correct. If the decision maker is using inaccurate information, that will corrupt the quality of the output, the actually decision made.


Good information will be concise and to the point. It will deal with the issues under consideration and nothing more.


Good quality information will contain all the information that is needed for the decision maker to make their decision. If there are any gaps or omissions, then those gaps must be identified.

User Friendly

Quality information will bear in mind the needs of the recipient and how they will use the information provided. It must address their concerns and their needs. Using GCD’s Moodle resource and E-Learning facility, you will be able to see examples of user friendly exam answers prepared by your tutors.


Including irrelevant information is distracting for the reader. They waste their time reading it and you waste your time producing it. If it is not relevant to the decision under consideration, it should be excluded.


Good information will inspire confidence in the reader that they can rely on that information to support them in their decision making role. Authoritative information inspires confidence. We produce authoritative information when we reference our sources and identify where the figures for our analyses are coming from.


Good information will arrive during the window of opportunity when the decision maker is faced with a decision.

Easy to use

Modern technologies allow us to consider a variety of methods of communicating information. The recipient must be able to find their way around the information easily, interpret it and understand it.

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