Breast Augmentation Techniques

There are four basic breast augmentation techniques commonly used all over the world. These are practiced by plastic surgeons and the basic premise of the operation is to add some substance to the current state of the patient’s breasts. The use of implants is necessary for the operation to be a success. The main difference among the techniques is where the incisions are made.


This method of augmenting the chest is one with the least possibility of scarring because the incision is made close to the armpit. This presents minimum scarring and the placement of the implant is usually under the muscle which means that there is less disruption to milk flow making breast feeding more viable for future children. This is due to the fact that there is less damage to the nerves that help with breastfeeding as well as the glandular tissue that basically functions to produce the milk. Studies also show that this placement also reduces the risk of the sac filled with saline or silicone from leaking or deflating.


This method of breast augmentation makes the incisions just underneath the breasts. These cuts are rendered unnoticeable due to them being made in the crease of the chest to the bosom. The effect of this method on milk production and the sensation of the area is dependent on where the implant is placed. Placing it above the muscle has a greater negative effect on both.


This technique requires the implants to be inserted through an incision in the navel. This is not a common technique because it usually does some damage on the tissues and glands of the breasts. Although the damage can be kept to a minimum, the affect of breast milk production as well as the sensitivity of the area can be compromised.


This breast augmentation technique is the one that causes most damage to the glandular tissues and the nerves around the mammary glands. The incision is made around the areola, deep enough to be able to go through the tissues and nerves. The implants are inserted through the hole made and stuck deep enough into the breast. This impacts the production of milk supply as well as how sensitive the area is to touch and other stimuli.

In all, it is the patient’s preferences and how the doctor explains each procedure that influences the final decision for the breast augmentation technique to be followed. The doctors must be clear regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

There are a number of different techniques for performing a breast augmentation. Maryland physicians have the skill and experience to produce results that make you happy. For more information visit

Breast Enhancement Vitamins

There’s an alphabet of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 B12, C, D, F, K. There are also minerals like zinc, iron, selenium, chromium, folate, calcium, and iodine. When it comes to breast enhancement vitamins, where does one start? Can you be sure which are likely to be effective with your program?

Breasts are fats. When put like this, it does not seem like you will want large ones! Taking care of your epidermis and fatty tissue is really important when enhancing your breasts. Here are some common vitamins. These often appear in prepackaged kits, or perhaps pills, capsules, teas, or creams. Learn how they work and why they may be necessary for your breasts’ health insurance and appearance.

E vitamin. You will find agents and oils made with Vitamin e antioxidant. It is just the thing for your skin and also to your good general health. E helps lower cholesterol and maintain health brain functioning. Additionally , it may control heart problems and cancer. The recommended daily average (RDA) is 10mg every day. This is actually the bare minimum your body needs. If you can, please take a supplement that gives about 50mg per day.

A vitamin helps nourish the skin as well as helps the disease fighting capability. RDA is 3500 IU.

Ascorbic acid helps produce collagen, and that is essential in connecting and supporting tissues like skin, organs, bones, tendons, and muscles. C helps as well maintain healthy red blood cells and arteries and. RDA 60mg.

Vitamin B6 helps form antibodies, red blood cells, and proteins, and it is essential in maintaining good cardiovascular health. RDA 2 mg.

Besides these vitamins, there are several minerals which have been commonly used in breast enlargment option supplements.

Folic Acid helps produce and keep new cells. Folic acid is important during rapid cell division, for instance whatever occurs while pregnant. This is vital to supporting new breast growth growth. Folic acid also protects against changes to DNA that lead to cancer. RDA 400mcg.

Zinc also supports new growth, which can be very important to new breast growth to be healthy. Moreover, zinc also helps conserve a health immune system. RDA 15mg.

Selenium has antioxidant properties, that help maintain cell health and prevent damage brought on by oxygenation. RDA 55mcg.

Nutritional supplements are very important in helping keep your body healthy. They work with the herbs in breast enhancer vitamins and creams to maintain the newly developed breast growth healthy. If the breasts aren’t strong and healthy, their appearance will not be at its peak. Although you may have large breasts, some may not look as effective as they can when the skin and tissue aren’t healthy. Breast enhancer vitamins can assist you accomplish your wish of getting a greater, more shapely chest. They may also enable you to maintain great health.

Natural Breast Enhancers

Breast Actives Review

Slone Partners Fills Director of National Accounts at Metamark Genetics

Boston (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

National recruitment firm Slone Partners is pleased to announce the placement of Michael Hoffman as Director of National Accounts at Metamark Genetics.

At Metamark, Mr. Hoffman will develop and execute the strategic and tactical initiatives to secure and support payers, both regional and national.

“The ability to gain market access and strengthen relationships with payers is a top priority in today’s environment,” said Metamark CEO Shawn Marcell. “I am proud to announce the addition of Michael Hoffman to the Metamark team. With his expertise in market access and payer relations, Metamark will continue to lead innovation in prostate cancer and aid patients and healthcare professionals in making important decisions about treatment.”

Mr. Hoffman brings 15 years of successful market access strategies and healthcare trending insights in the diagnostics, genetic, personalized medicine, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, most recently as Senior Director of Managed Care at Courtagen Life Sciences.

At Courtagen, Mr. Hoffman managed commercial and government accounts for the company’s genetic diagnostics book of business, interfacing with payers’ diagnostic leaders and pharmacy leaders to broaden business in the pharmacogenomics and personal medicine arenas.

Prior to Courtagen, Mr. Hoffman was Senior Director of Managed Care at Transgenomic Health / PGx Health, where he was the lead for all managed market strategies and tactics.

About Metamark

Metamark is a privately held company dedicated to improving cancer care by providing the next generation of diagnostic and prognostic testing. The company is advancing its contribution to oncology through its proprietary genomics and proteomics discovery platforms, a growing clinical research effort, and corporate alliances. Metamark has assembled a unique portfolio of testing services and products to inform critical decisions at each step of the care pathway in prostate cancer. The company’s interests also include bladder, colon, and breast cancers. For more information, please visit the Metamark website at Metamark™ and ProMark™ are trademarks of Metamark.

About Slone Partners

Founded in 2000, Slone Partners is a premier executive search firm that specializes in recruitment for the diagnostics, life science tools, healthcare information technology, and laboratory testing industries. Slone Partners has offices in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

For more information on Slone Partners placements, please visit

Avilution to Unveil First Software-only Integrated Flight System at the Sun ‘n Fun Airshow

Madison, Alabama and Lakeland, Florida (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Avilution, an aviation technology company that develops innovative software solutions for aircraft systems, plans to unveil its XFS™ (eXtensible Flight System™), the industry’s first software-only, hardware agnostic, integrated flight system at the Sun ‘n Fun show. The XFS Zenith CH750 will be flown in and on exhibit through the show April 21-26th in Lakeland Florida, at the Zenith Aircraft Booth (MD26B).

With XFS, pilots will be able to build and fly aircraft like never before. For example, XFS:

Increases safety. Through continuous rationalization of input from multiple sensors, detects failures and continues to present usable data to the pilot.
Speeds up development time. Software developers can quickly learn the XFS structure and begin making updates or adding features to meet their needs, whether for an experimental aircraft, unmanned aircraft or eventually certified aircraft applications.
Enables full customization for a variety of aircraft applications. The graphic displays can be changed easily in software to accommodate simple and complex aircraft, such as a single engine piston Zenith CH750, an L-39 Albatros and so on.
Is hardware agnostic. The PFD and MFD can be ran on a variety of computers, ranging from the $ 45.00 Raspberry Pi to a high end PC.
Is future-proof. XFS is movable between aircraft, computers, sensors and can be updated indefinitely.
Is source available. Allows a broader array of developers to have access to and improve the software.
Saves money. The software runs on commodity hardware, eliminating the required use of proprietary systems specifically designed for a particular use.

“Even the space shuttle did not have this kind of technology,” said Michael Griffin, former NASA administrator under George W. Bush, multi-engine and instrument flight instructor and avid general aviation pilot. “This transformational approach to the relationship between pilot and aircraft significantly increases flight safety and will help to prevent many accidents in the future.”

This technology is designed to help prevent accidents by connecting all of the software components in a way that improves communication between the aircraft and pilot. XFS uses a pilot-centric data model in which, data from a wide range of sensors and aircraft systems is analyzed in real time to provide the pilot with the most accurate information about the state of the aircraft at any given moment, and simultaneously shows the confidence level associated with that data. XFS virtually eliminates the risk that the failure of a single sensor, or even a single system of sensors, could compromise flight safety.

“With the development of XFS, Avilution has created a radically new model for the architecture, development, sales, deployment and sustaining engineering of aircraft systems,” said Sebastien Heintz, CEO of Zenith Aircraft. “Because XFS can be moved between individual aircraft computer systems, it eliminates the risk of having an obsolete system.”

“Until now, customers had to choose freedom over technology – either working with a disparate collection of antiquated gauges or more recently, a highly integrated, proprietary and inflexible closed garden of technology. XFS breaks this model by envisioning an aircraft as a flying computer system and network,” said Mark Spencer, founder and CEO of Avilution. “XFS breaks this conundrum by providing the best advantages of both worlds with a number of advantages never before brought to the avionics and aircraft systems industry.”

XFS is compatible with many off-the-shelf hardware products. XFS rationalizes data from a variety of sources to detect errors and works to present the pilot with the most accurate information available. XFS uses industry standard interfaces, such as AeroCAN, RS-232, SPI, analog and proprietary protocols used by some legacy devices. XFS connects external, legacy devices to a rich, redundant physical or virtual Ethernet layer. In this layer, functions that were previously run on hardware for example, FMS, flap and landing gear control, engine starting, lighting control, circuit breakers, etc., are now replaced with stand-alone, independent software applications with dedicated hardware resources (such as memory, CPU time and network bandwidth). As a result, these applications are able to operate as independently as separate hardware units.

“Now an aircraft will not become grounded just because hardware may have become obsolete,” said Paul Coleman, director of flight operations and chief test pilot for Avilution. “In addition to being future proof, the XFS architecture also offers unparalleled cost-savings, functionality, compatibility and flexibility when compared to any other integrated flight system.”

Avilution will be demonstrating an early XFS prototype at the Zenith Aircraft booth. The company seeks input from software developers, homebuilders, pilots, prospective users and aircraft vendors regarding its designs, best initial target markets, pricing guidance and other general input on the product.

About Avilution

Avilution develops innovative software solutions for the aviation industry. The company was founded in 2009 by Mark Spencer, a world-renowned software engineer, who is credited for revolutionizing the telecommunications industry in 1999 by creating Asterisk – the world’s first open source telephony system. As he did with the telecommunications industry, Mark Spencer plans to change the way manufacturers, aviation enthusiasts and pilots design, build and fly airplanes.

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Facing Challenges In The Early Marriage

Maybe you’ve heard the words “And They live happily ever after” that exist only in fairy-tale princess who eventually live happily with the prince. But in real life, whether it can happen? It’s not as easy as you think. There are many challenges that there will be no end in marriage life, including in the face of your partner.

Although you and your partner have been dating for years, it can not guarantee that your wedding will go smoothly according to your plan and your spouse. There are so many challenges that will arise in the early days of marriage. The most common problem is the adjustment to your new role as husband or wife. And it’s not an easy thing to do that because there will be differences of daily habits, expectations of your marriage, how you communicate, and the values of life.

In many movies maybe you have seen often words said that the power of love can overcome all obstacles. But in reality it is not enough.

Couples who are not ready to adapt at the beginning of the marriage will often occur as a signal that the conflict that has gone out of love or marriage that has been on the stage of destruction.

Although once you assume that the difference is a unique thing but now you assume as hatred.

One of the keys to successfully adapt themselves is aware of the difference between you and your partner. In courtship you must choose a good quality to avoid the problems so you still think that there will be equality vision and mission if you and your spouse are equally adamant. But if you and your partner try to accept each other differences and eventually develop the uniqueness of each wedding that will bring it to walk in harmony.

There is some inspiration and strategies to adapt to early marriage.

The process of adaptation between you and your partner will always be marred by conflict and dissent. You should not set targets too high and should always be relaxed in dealing with various problems.
You need to think about and focus your mind on positive things. Do not enlarge the difference or change your spouse in accordance with the picture that you would expect.
Mutual discuss the views and values to lead a marriage between you and your spouse. Starting from the task of husband or wife, plan to have children, financial management, career development, religious life, and also the relationship with your relatives.
Always establish a good relationship with your partner’s family. This meant that the closer you get to know your partner.
You can express love to your partner through a variety of ways. Such as through kissing, words touch, by providing assistance or by providing other small surprises that can please your partner.
You should avoid bad-mouth your partner’s family or challenged to a divorce at the time brought it with emotion. Because these two things can cause deep hurt.
The last thing you need to be patient even though the difference and a very heavy process. Do not forget to appreciate your partner’s results of operations.

Something On My Mind : Facing Challenges In The Early Marriage

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Stop & Stor Bucks the Job Tenure Trend with More Than Half of its Employees Staying with the Company More Than 4 Years

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported just last week that the average job tenure was 4.6 years in January of this year, unchanged from the Department’s January 2012 figures, Stop & Stor is pleased to announce that over half of its employees have more than 4 plus years of service to the self storage company.

Having just recently celebrated 25 years in business (in the fall of last year), Stop & Stor celebrates this milestone by also noting that 16 employees have 10 or more years of employment with the company. Seven Facility Managers, four Corporate Office and upper management employees, three Customer Service Representatives, and two Maintenance staff members, have served Stop & Stor’s customers ranging from 10 to 23 years. The longest serving employee (a non-owner) is the company’s District Manager, Richie DiFilippo, who has been employed with Stop & Stor for 23 years.

Jeff Henick, one of Stop and Stor’s owners and its first employee, credits the company’s philosophy with respect to the treatment of their employees, as one of the most important ingredients for employee loyalty and longevity.

“Without trying to sound cliché, our employees are members of one family – the Stop & Stor family. Employees have direct access to the higher levels of management through frequent interaction during regular management meetings, company participation in local community events, and through company recognition celebrations such as during the holidays, for example,” said Jeff Henick.

With 69 employees and four owners, Stop & Stor has some unique practices which they attribute to employee retention such as the purchasing of the company uniforms for each employee, donating of tickets to events and museums for use by employees and their families, and the ability to interact with all management levels of the company through the collective participation in community and charitable events under the Stop & Stor banner. For example, Stop & Stor participates in local community events such as the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk, New Eyes for the Needy Eyeglass Collection Drive, volunteering at the 6th Annual Staten Island Tri/Duathlon to Benefit Police Officer Rocco Laurie Scholarship Fund, and participating in the Step for a Cure 5K Run and Walk to support Michael’s Cause fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

About Stop & Stor:

More than two decades ago, two families (the Henick and Simon families) in the real estate business sensed a need in our community. Twenty-five years later their business acumen and commitment to providing a necessary and affordable self-storage service in the NYC area has enabled them to grow a business with over 70 employees, 15 locations, and all anchored on Staten Island through its corporate offices located in Willowbrook. Although Stop & Stor’s roots are in Staten Island, it has branched out and now has facilities in all of New York City’s boroughs with the exception of Manhattan.

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Breast Augmentation Preparation

There are so many different reasons why women choose to have a breast augmentation. For some it is a cosmetic treatment meant to enhance or change the way they look. For others, it may be the result of something done for heath reasons. No matter what the reason, it is so important to be prepared. As with any type of operation, there are things that you can do as the patient that will help the recovery time go smoothly.

Consulting with a Physician

Even if you are sure that you are interested in any type of breast augmentation, it is imperative that you see a licensed physician. There are so many things that you will gain by just consulting with a professional and finding out how the procedure will work for you and your body. By scheduling this appointment, you aren’t required to go any further in the process, but you will hear more about how the operation works, what to expect during the procedure and what the recovery time entails.

This is the place to ask all of the questions that you have. If you are looking to make a change towards a larger size, a doctor can give you some idea of what is feasible for your body frame and through technology or office equipment, and let you see what you would look like with the addition. If you are looking for reconstruction or reduction, you can find out what types of health issues are associated with the procedure as well as view a re-created image of what you would look like following the procedure.

Insurance and Payment

Typically, most cosmetic surgery is not covered by any medical insurance. However, each person’s case, as well as reasons for going through the process, are unique. So, if you aren’t sure if your breast augmentation is covered, it cannot hurt to make a phone call or check online.

If you are planning to pay for this yourself, talk with the office staff to see what type of financing or programs are available in your area. When there is no financing option, you may want to look into the cost to see how much you need to save up or if there is an alternative payment method such as a credit card or small loan.

Keep An Eye on Your Health

Because of all of the factors involved with a breast augmentation, you want to be sure that you are in good health and able to handle the stress that this will put on your body. You may want to check with your primary care physician and have a physical done. Usually, before any type of surgery takes place, a cosmetic surgeon will take blood to make sure that everything is normal. If you are looking to have this procedure done in the future, you may want to work hard to maintain or begin a healthy lifestyle that will make surgery as well as recovery easier for you.

No matter why you are choosing this type of procedure, be sure that you go into it prepared. Use all of the tools and resources that are provided to you to make it a great experience.

If you are considering breast augmentation, Athens offers a quality plastic surgery center. For more information, visit:

Early Science Fiction On The Airwaves

Science Fiction in Radio

Some would argue that Science Fiction is as old as civilization itself as humans gazed up to the stars and wondered, “what if…”
Juvenile Serials of the 1930s
The first science fiction old time radio shows were primary adventure serial shows intended for juveniles co-opted with a scientific theme, most notably Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. These shows for children tended to glamorize scientific progress and featuring larger than life heroes. When Science Fiction expanded into adult fiction, the wonder of science fiction didn’t leave the juvenile market.  Radio shows like Planet Man, Space Patrol, Captain Starr, and Tom Corbett continues to delight young audiences. 
Early Science Fiction on the Airwaves
Within the horror and drama genres there were some breakout science fiction radio plays.  The most memorable science fiction old time radio from the 1930s was Orson Welles War of the Worlds on Mercury Theater aired on Halloween.  This broadcast had a phenomenal impact on the nation because Welles blurred the lines between fiction and fact, essentially convincing America that the Martians were invading.
Earliest Attempts at Science Fiction Drama
Radio was slow to produce a series dedicated to serious adult science fiction drama with the first show dedicated to Science Fiction airing in 1950.  There were some attempts at science fiction on Escape, Suspense, Lights Out and others. 

2000 PlusThe shows were written in house from original material rather than from science fiction authors or classic stories.  Dimension X hit the airwaves one month later with the blessing of the majority of the science fiction community–featured writings of the leading science fiction writers of the time including Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Robert A. Heinlein, Clifford D. Simak, and even Kurt Vonnegut. 
The Height of Science Fiction Old Time Radio
Many enthusiasts consider 1950-1960 to be the Golden Era of Science Fiction.  This is the decade when the best Science Fiction old time radio was created.  Acclaimed editor of “Astounding Magazine,” John Campbell, produced and hosted Exploring Tomorrow with the aid of some of his best contributing writers.  X-Minus One was truly the greatest of not only science fiction radio shows but of all radio dramas. 
End of Science Fiction on Radio
When Russian scientists launched Sputnik in 1957, science fiction became more of a science actuality.  Inventions thought to only be in science fiction like rockets, televisions, and computers were becoming a reality.  The future of entertainment was on televisions that were more ubiquitous in American households and the golden age of science fiction left the airwaves.  Luckily many of these recordings were preserved for enjoyment today. Many science fiction old time radio shows survived in completion including Dimension X and X-Minus One.

“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.”

Jon Foy is internet marketing specialist and has variety of interests like surfing on net for reading useful resources, writing articles on different themes with SEO copy writing specialization. This time John is writing about Old Time Radio for OTRCAT.

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Lose Man Breasts Fast

Losing man breasts can be difficult. Male Boobs relates to the label used for male enlarged breast tissue; its medicinal name is Gynecomastia. Don’t mistake this with clearly defined pectoral muscle tissues gained from body building, man breasts are normally floppy and not firm, and may truly be uncomfortable.

This may prevent a person from having any self-esteem and can prohibit him from doing normal activities like swimming and running, prevent him from sporting particular garments and probably make him keep away from intimacy with a partner.

Though a lot of people find male breasts funny,there’s naught humorous about Gynecomastia for any sufferer. They might have tried all kinds of strategies to remove man boobs, like a weight-reduction plan and exercising, but unfortunately in terms of Gynecomastia this doesn’t work because it isn’t caused by being overweight.

It is indefinite what the reason behind Gynecomastia is; nevertheless there’s a means of treating it without having to resort to a surgery.

What Is Gynexin?

Gynexin is medically proven and harmless product that comprises effective natural ingredients

* Chromium
* Guggulsterones
* Theobromine Cacao
* Greem Tea Extract
* Sclareolides
* Caffeine

These work collectively to rapidly and effectively take away fatty tissues in the mammary glands to offer you with a more masculine appearing chest. Using Gynexin is simple. Take one pill when you get up in the morning, preferably earlier than breakfast and another pill just before consuming dinner.

Gynexin will get working instantaneously although it might take two to 3 weeks to view the full effects, to start with you’ll notice your chest and midsection fat start to reduce and ultimately your chest region will grow to be firmer and toned till man boobs disappear. Your self-confidence will probably be restored when you begin to really feel extra masculine again.

Gynexin works, is less costly and safer than harmful Gynecomastia surgery and can assist you say goodbye to your man boobs.

Read our review of the safe and effective Gynecomastia surgery alternative at our Gynexin Review.

Breast Augmentation Over View

Breast augmentation is among one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and every year more women opt to have breast augmentation. The procedure is performed by inserting a breast implant of the patients choosing behind the breast tissue or above the breast muscle. There are several decision varieties of implants and several choice that are left up to the patient. The patient must choose among a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying designs in a range of materials. The patient also choses the placement of the implants depending on what their bust line goal may be. The surgeon performing the surgery often times gives his opinion on what breast implant Los Angeles may be best for the patients body and even skin type.

The breast implant procedure requires great medical skill to achieve the goal of leaving ones breast looking as natural as possible while still making them the desired size. Often times the surgeon will suggest another type of surgery to provide the patient with the beast possible results. Some surgeons recommend that their patient have a breast lift along with their breast implants Beverly Hills. Breast lift surgery is most commonly recommended for patients who demonstrate a lot of sagging due to aging, pregnancy, and breast feeding. During the combined procedure, some breast tissue is removed, the skin is tightened and lifted, and an implant is inserted.

Generally Beverly Hills breast enhancement surgery is performed in an office surgical suite or an outpatient surgical center, using local anesthesia, but can also be performed using general anesthesia this all depends on the surgeon and patient preferences. The surgery generally last anywhere from one to three hours, and begins with an incision in one of four primary locations.

Under the breast

Around the nipple

In the arm pit

In the navel area

A surgical tool is then inserted to form a pocket so that the Los Angeles breast implants can be inserted. There are also, three primary positions where the implants can be placed:

Above the pectoral muscle

Partially behind the muscle

Completely behind the muscle

These choices of incision and implant placement once again depend on the size and shape of the implant, body frame, amount of breast tissue, and planned scar location. The choice of saline and silicone are also a choice left up to the patient, but one must also factor in size, and body frame.

Dr. Younai is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with formal training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, as well as General Surgery at some of the most prestigious university residencies in the United States.

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